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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is the American Dream Just That?

No other country in the world can hold claim to its own dream like the United States does with its "American Dream."  This dream has lured many from elsewhere to migrate and make this dream become for them a reality.  Many have, no doubt. And many haven't.  Coined in the 1930s just after the nightmare of the Great Depression was coming to an end, the American Dream became a reality as the country awakened from the financial disaster and then later WWII to find itself flush with resources and a booming economy that brought a middle class lifestyle to millions of Americans.

Six decades later, this notion of the American Dream is now fading for millions as the country has suffered from what is now called the Great Recession.  There is much debate about whether or not America will recover from this devastating crash and again become the land of opportunity it has long been known to be. 

You may have your own feeling about this and perhaps your own experiences as well.  Two pieces recently published in the same newspaper take contrasting views on the fate of the American Dream.  Take a few minutes to open both and read them (the links are below).  What's your take?  Is the American Dream still alive?  Or is it an experience that one can only have while sleeping?



If you choose to make the time, a report out of Harvard recently provided directions for "Pathways to Prosperity".  click on http://www.gse.harvard.edu/blog/news_features_releases/2010/02/pathways-to-prosperity-seeks-to-redefine-american-education-system.html.  It's worth the time.

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